Whatever you say



Our bedroom has the tiniest bathroom, so it gets steamy pretty quick. Thought of this while I had the shower 😂😂😂 nothing else to it – however I am______________________________ leaving it to your own 👉🏾👉🏾👉🏾imaginative imagination to imagine the imaginable 👈🏾👈🏾👈🏾😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂


Irreguality sucks


Well precisely this! I was challenged on instagram for a #2wordstory and I automatically wrote this down for it has been bugging in my head for some time now.

The reason is probably the fact that I can not stand people who are incapable of commiting to things;

Well, I am not trying to be hypocritical but when I am comitted to a page I will always try to read the writers post or if I follow the photographers page I will try to like them and participate in a comment or give something as simple as the emojis!

I mean honestly, we don’t always have to like everything but to like none and unfollow people because they don’t follow you back? 

I don’t see in my logical mind anything as such! But it exists! So yeah pretty much the above two words summarised my thoughts on inconsistent people.

I don’t expect you to always like my post but would you not feel like someone or a few people is / are listening to you when you get a few likes in your post?

It is almost like a motivation to post something because people can relate to you not because you are craving to be liked or to be popular.

I am here to express my creativity and artistry, not for popularity and if you like my thoughts, arts, photography and words then great! I am sure I too will enjoy what you are posting based on mutual attraction and interest!

We can not be alone in this, we support fellow bloggers not for the sake of “like for like” or “follow for follow” attitude but for the sake of supports and motivation, inspiration and connection!

Thank you all – 😘😊

D C de Oliveira

What we seek

Often we seek

the things we can not get

we travel because

we want to smell

a different kind of air

we cry for joy

and for the misery

that will come

after it

or vice versa

we dance under the moon

and wish someone

from another galaxy

would send us stars

and sway us with a bouquet of Aurora Borealis

we crave the touch

of another skin

or just the warmness of

someone’s embrace

we love like

the rush

of being chased by

the cows of Pamplona

we smile

because it gives a tinge

of hope to someone who needs it

or perhaps to stop

the world from asking

how we truly feel that day

we sleep to get away from

reality and let our

wandering soul and spirit

enter another dimension

we connect and hold hands

because loneliness

is only nice when we want to be alone with ourselves

but it is preferable that

someone is always there when

we are ready to come out from hibernation

we sing or listen to a song because

music is the remedy

to our pain and

the companion to our existence

at the same time

it is the soundtrack

of our character

we read books that

will carry us away

to the imaginary world

that we wish it could exist

outside the lines and words

of the writer

we paint because

sometimes imagination alone

would not convince those who doubt our vision

and to splash the colours and brushing

those imagination and give live for them to

see, it would perhaps take away

their lack of creativity and enhance their perception

we take photographs for the sake of

keeping the memories of those

who were in our lives at one point,

those who abruptly left us, disappear on us or simply to remember those who die

at the same time to remind us

the good times we have with those who are still around us

and to show others where we have been, who we have been with

and tell a million stories when words could not find its way to those moments.

Last but never the least,

we write because

like an artist

we use words to paint

and to create art

to describe

the curves of the mountains

and to express the intimacy of

of our heart when it fell in love

or to explain in details

how the sunset look so elegant

when it sits on the lips of the horizon.



Imaginary place

I kind of want to find this place or similar to this if it exist in this world as I really need to evacuate my entity to it immediately. It Has been a hectic week; job hunting, helping family friends move, spring/summer cleaning, heat/hot day preparation, xmas preparation etc so yeah kind of would love to just escape to this imaginary place and have a blissful time to myself…. Too bad it does not exist so I had to make one up instead…. Hope you all have a marvellous week and weekend! ❤


Just a xmas tune from down under

After playing around with garage band for so many times ( in fact I’ve literally came up with two albums of random tunes on soundcloud ) here I go again with my own christmas song tune. I’m no celine dion or rihanna but I tried lol!

I’ve played the tune on my guitar for a while then played the chords on the bass and the rest was taken care off by the amazing garage band.

I always fond of a white christmas but since I’m not really in a position to have a white christmas this year or anytime soon, I thought perhaps a song about someone who longed for a white christmas or wish for someone like snowman would come over instead and experience their hot and steamy christmas.

anyways, as I said before this is just a garage band recording so forgive my raw voice and enjoy the tune! ( lyrics below)


Mr snowman when will you come around

it’s been years since you said you’d come to town

I know you hate the sun

by why do so on the run?

christmas without my mate will not be fun


The fake snow I left outside my door

just so you know I’ve missed you even more

the heat is burning outside

while loneliness burning inside

cause this is christmas but you’re not here by my side


Christmas time, the smell of pine

togetherness, happiness

so I wish you a merry christmas from down under to wherever you are


I spent my christmas down the beach, I lay

Mr snowman I wish you could see the sky

though there’s no snow I could find

yet the red, purple, orange sky will blow your mind


I hope one day you’ll come along

but for now enjoy the hum to this christmas song.


When you are not there for me don’t expect me to be there for you

In life you always have that particular person or even people  you can’t get rid off. They came into your life whether as a family or friend or a stranger and you embrace them, you treat them well but then they got so used to the things you do for them out of favours that they starting to expect it from you and it became so natural that you must do it for the sake of the friendship or relationship as much as you don’t really want to do it. They make you feel like it’s your obligation to help them, because you know more or because you have experience with it or just because….

hence this is come about and you will probably be seeing it more since well, I can’t get rid of these people because they are just family and that is simply it. However I can post this to express myself though and hopefully I have the courage one day to turn a blind eye when someone whom never there for me ask for my help again!

a friend in need is a friend indeed

Here we go again the question of “why I’m still here?”

This year is almost over, looking back I have only achieved a diploma in Tourism and still wondering around looking for a job. I also have a certificate in Investigative Services and yet here I am still looking for a job. I’ve done some photography gigs too at parties and whatnot yet here I am still looking for a job. I’ve spent time at home applying for ten jobs a day and after that just do some clean up, tidy up, cooking, folding clothes, washing clothes etc and yet here I am again waiting for someone to pick up the phone and said “you’re hired” – there are plenty of writings sitting on the desk and more on the hard-drive or even posted online somewhere, all just a collection of poems, short stories, prose and quotes yet here I am again throwing all of my portfolio around and still here unemployed.

I’ve had so many different jobs in the past and being younger than I am now it was all probably taken for granted. Perhaps this is karma coming back to laugh at my face.

I hate the feeling of being so useless. I woke up every morning getting my partner’s breakfast ready and lunch to take to work. Followed by making the bed, washing up, tidy up all the housework stuff and two hours later here I am sitting on the computer at approximately 8.30am on another Friday morning wondering, what to do with life.

Often I wish I had more time and now I’ve got time but what to do with it?

Cameras laying around, ideas in blueprints, writings on the wall, creative juices flowing unstoppably yet I still haven’t got a job!

Am I over qualified?

I need to sleep on this perhaps!?

Either way, I feel a little bit sick with this whole situation. I know I have the potential and the experience yet no one seemed to pick up the phone or reply to me on the email and said hey, how do you feel about working with us, joining our team?

Feeling utmost unwanted…..

I’ll leave it at that.

Why I'm still here?
Why I’m still here?
Why I am still here?
Why I am still here?
Why I am still here?

It has been a hectic week or two…

Well, I haven’t had the time to actually come around and say my piece or post stuff.

Last week was the Pink Ribbon Day so on Thursday night my sister and I was totally baking mini heart bread for my partner to take it to work and sell it. SO here is the taste of last week’s mini bread.

Ready to bake
Ready to bake
Ready to bake
Ready to bake
Ready to be wrapped
Ready to be wrapped
The finish touch!
The finish touch!

Then this week I’ve been doing some bonbonniere for my cousin’s son’s 21st Birthday.

It is finally over and ready to be distributed this Saturday! Stoked and proud it took two full days to create about 80 of these.

21st Birthday bonbonniere
21st Birthday bonbonniere
21st Birthday bonbonniere
21st Birthday bonbonniere
21st Birthday bonbonniere
21st Birthday bonbonniere
21st Birthday bonbonniere
21st Birthday bonbonniere
21st Birthday bonbonniere
21st Birthday bonbonniere
21st Birthday bonbonniere
21st Birthday bonbonniere

Any other days I actually spent on zazzle – been adding more new shops so yeah that is pretty much my excuse for not being here. 😀


Dear Amethyst

It has been 5 hours, 50 minutes and 30 seconds of the 200th days.

I know that

if I hold on to this old compass,

it will one day lead me back

through the unknown terrain

and path to where it all begun.

But perhaps, if I didn’t make it,

I truly hope somehow, someway

you will try to find me instead.

It is only hope that I have

and the company of this rusty compass,

that so far distracted me from being weak

and giving up on my unfortunate self.

I often wonder, “what if” you have moved on?

or didn’t even make it to Oasis yourself?

But I held this compass so dear to my chest

and I can feel your spirit guiding my strenght

and courage to stay alive.

Oh my darling Ame,

if all else fail,

if my presence is no longer felt by your heart,

please know that I have tried to hold on

for as long as I could with all my might and willingness

and that the only reason of letting go is

because my soul, my body, my mind, my spirit and my all

have reached the capacity to hold on any longer.

Ame my rock,

My last bit of hope

is that even if you eventually found me

and I no longer in flesh

but broken bones

please don’t blame your opulent self

but to embrace the moment as

if you have found me alive and well.

I raise this compass

against today’s sunlight

and in the honor of having

your spirit lingering beside me.

I love you then, now and infinitely 

Faithfully Yours,


Zazzle oh Zazzle

Well I have joined zazzle for quiet some time now. The thing here is that I didn’t actually expect my image on the zazzle item would become popular overnight (not that it has since I joined a few years ago) but it all takes time. Even after three years I only earned $45 by selling up to 15 items. Let’s be realistic, the royalty suck! but as long as you are committed and updated the store regularly I suppose you might go somewhere with it.

I see zazzle as growing a tree, it will not grow overnight or two days later or a year later to a full mature tree. It takes time and so on. It’s always when I least expected that I get three or four sales a year. Otherwise I just leave it run until someone is looking for the particular image and happened to stumble upon my work.

Anyway that being said, I have recently opened a second shop so here is just some of the things I sell via zazzle.

items on my zazzle
items on my zazzle

What would be your reaction?

When people made a comment
About your hair or your shoes
It can certainly affect you in so many different level.

You started to analyse their tone of voice,
Their body language and facial expression
Whether it goes with the words
That came out of their mouth or not!

If you happened to misjudged it or
didnt do a proper reading or missed out on a slight
Movement that is more crucial than the rest (or even if you do notice the important part)
Then that judgement would
Determine how you feel for the day.

You are going to feel either
Positive or negatively paranoid
Over they way you look today just because
Someone or some random person
Said something or made a comment about
Your hair or your shoes.

There is another choice,
Perhaps to avoid this
By ignoring the situation
Because either way
You are confident with yourself
That you are beautiful no matter
What people say about your shoes
Or your hair!

Or the fact that maybe
They are just jealous
That they can’t look the way
You vibrantly look
Or that they simply
The kind of people
Who likes to make
unnecessary comments

Either way it is your initiative
To respond positively to the criticism
or to be negative all day
Just because someone’s tone of voice
does not go with her facial expression!

From someone I know
Who worried too much

P.S. You also have to think that sometimes people just say things without thinking or without realising that their comment may affect how you feel for the whole day or they just say things that you don’t expect to hear!

Be nice or else! – Life & whatnot!.© Tourism Student – Photography, Crime, Music, Creative Writing, Art, Philosophy, Travel, Hospitality – Convergent Thinker